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It’s like...resurrecting ancestors with the brilliance of color
— rez kid


Hello, my name is Jeremy Salazar and I'm a Native American artist specializing in contemporary portraiture art. Having been born and raised on the Navajo Reservation of New Mexico, I have never received formal art training other than witnessing my father paint and draw. Watching him sit at the canvas and create amazing portraits, wildlife, and Native landscapes inspired me from an early age to create art and become like him, an Indian artist. 

It is from this background that I'm endeavoring to help represent the potential of the contemporary emergence of Native art. My goal is to not only inspire Native America but also to help represent Native America as a people of the times; rather than a bygone romanticized era of the past, locked in old black and white photographs. 

As an artist, contemporary art is a platform to showcase the cultural heritage of my ancestors by reintroducing them in a contemporary dazzling way. It's like...ressurecting ancestors with the brilliance of color.